Our diversified design studio offers:
Bespoke Architectural, Interior & Styling Services

Design is about the creation of a simple concept, the collection of theorectical
research and philosophical ideologies, which begins the formation of the basic
grounding on which a comprehensive design proposal can be based.

Expressions of style, timeless design and added value are the basic principles by
which my design studio attributes its success. Our personalised service lends
focus to detail.

Ilse Kerr offers over 17 years of experience in Architectural design & Interiors, & her
international experience extends over 3 countries, UK, Australia and South Africa.


Design with specific focus on
aesthestics & functionality of
building use & design


Design with specific focus on general internal spatial planning, circulation
& material specification


Style planning services relating to particular emphasis on dressing
interior spaces with soft furnishings

Our Positioning

Ilse Kerr and TIA has their offices in Surrey, UK. The company operates on a national
level and international, using its flexible infrastructure and management style.

Our company's services and policies highlights not only our determination to
carefully package every aspect of our clients needs, but in addition our drive
to provide a service that is valued and exceptionally personalised.

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